Chapter 681: Jiang Chen Successfully Schemes Against the Two

Chapter 681: Jiang Chen Successfully Schemes Against the Two

Jiang Chen sneered inwardly. Do these two bastards still want to trick me even now?

“Fear not, senior brother Jun. Since this Lin Hai has dared offend our Regal Pill Palace, I will finish him off first!” Jiang Chen proclaimed, the hypocrisy clear only to him.

Lin Hai felt a rush of anxiety flood him after hearing those words. Having fought an intense battle, the two of them were like arrows at the end of their flight—they had scarcely any stamina left. They might have had a way to salvage the situation if it’d been any other ordinary genius. But of all people, it had to be the unfathomable genius that even Xiang Qin had bowed down to. Lin Hai was possibly not even Jiang Chen’s match when in peak condition, never mind his currently exhausted state. His expression changed almost immediately, “Junior brother Jiang, our sects have always been united and harmonious. Your fellow senior brother and I only fought a battle of pride, it wasn’t one to the death.”

Jiang Chen deliberately assumed a solemn expression, “This palace is no doubt an inheritance left behind by a powerful cultivator. Instead...

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