Chapter 680: Jiang Chen Reveals Himself

Chapter 680: Jiang Chen Reveals Himself

“Wang Han? Of all people, how are you worthy of entering the Paramount Realm?” Ling Bi’er despised Wang Han’s character greatly and cast him a disdainful glance.

Wang Han had been humiliated by Regal Pill Palace time and time again in the past. Now that Ling Bi’er was looking down on him once more, he immediately felt rage erupt in his heart. You Regal Pill Palace dogs might have humiliated me in the past, but now I, Wang Han have entered the tutelage of an emperor realm expert! How dare a little wench like you still look down on me! He leered right back at her, “Put that ill temper of yours somewhere else, Ling Bi’er. Your words mean nothing here.”

Wang Han saluted Sect Head Qin Mo respectfully as he spoke, “Honored master, this woman is a Regal Pill Palace disciple, and has a relationship with Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen will absolutely appear if we hold her captive. In addition, the Regal Pill Palace and I have an all- consuming grudge. Therefore, I humbly request your permission to personally mete out punishment to this woman, master.”

He understood his place very well, and knew that he should always ask Sect Head Qin Mo for permission. As expected, the old man immediately felt a bit more appreciation for...

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