Chapter 679: Ling Bi’er’s Circumstances

Chapter 679: Ling Bi’er’s Circumstances

Jiang Chen understood a couple of things from their conversation. This Emperor Featherflight had a secret on him that resulted in him being chased by the Ninesuns Sky Sect and the Eternal Celestial Capital. When he had been gravely injured, he’d escaped to the Myriad Domain and thrown off his pursuers by entering the Paramount Realm. The two sects assumed that he was simply barely scraping by somewhere, or desperately searching for an heir to pass on his legacy and treasures. So they had broken off the chase and had spread out a net to find this successor or Featherflight himself. But they always came up empty handed. Moreover, the secret they coveted was far too high profile for them to openly search for.

“Just what secret did that Emperor Featherflight have to make these two sects continue to search for a thousand years? Perhaps,  an empyrean decree?” 

Any first rank sect would have numerous Titled Great Emperors, so ordinary items wouldn’t send the first rank sects into such a frenzy. In Jiang Chen’s eyes, only an empyrean decree...

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