Chapter 678: Emperor Featherflight, The Mysterious Palace

Chapter 678: Emperor Featherflight, The Mysterious Palace

It was quite evident from Jun Mobai’s tone that he also wasn’t a true Regal Pill Palace disciple. Jiang Chen felt quite sad for the Myriad Domain all of a sudden. It looked to be a solid entity on the surface, but who knew that it’d been penetrated to this level? Just how many external pawns were hidden in the various great sects?!

However, Lin Hai didn’t seem to want to admit to things too readily. He snorted coldly several times after his shock, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Jun Mobai, are you going to scram or not? I’m giving you your last chance.” He seemed to be at the limits of his patience as his hostility became overt.

“Scram?” Jun Mobai’s tone was as cool as ever. “You’re mistaking the situation, aren't you? Even if you want to, you don’t have the chance to run anymore. If my guess is right, Lin Hai, you’re a disciple of the Eternal Celestial Capital, aren’t you?”

The Eternal Celestial Capital? Jiang Chen’s heart sank. He’d made an in-depth study of the Divine Abyss Continent these past few years; the book Huang'er had given him years ago had several notes...

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