Chapter 677: Hunting in the Paramount Realm

Chapter 677: Hunting in the Paramount Realm

In the end, they actually drew straws to decide their respective responsibilities. The Bamboo Sect got lucky, drawing the task to hunt down the Regal Pill Palace. A hint of a smile cracked Sect Head Leng’s sinister face. “Then, we have an accord, no? I shall leave the undue troubles here to you all.” He summoned a portion of his men and raced towards the southeastern area. 

Sect Head Qin Mo was glad to see Sect Head Leng depart, but he showed nothing on the surface as he walked forwards, “Sect Head Xing, Sect Head Fu, are you two interested in entering the Paramount Realm with me? I heard that there are still some mice scuttling around inside the Paramount Realm. Our orders are to eliminate them all, you know.”

Black garbed Sect Head Xing waved his hands and said, “It’s fine, isn’t it? I’ve heard that Paramount Realm is a place of rebirth, and not only is it filled with dead energy, it also contains a shockingly low amount of life force. If we emperor realm cultivators are to go inside, we may be attacked by the energy inside. I have no intentions of going in.”

The Paramount Realm was off limits not only to emperor realm experts, but even cultivators at higher levels. It contained an enormous amount of dead energy that would corrode living beings, especially emperor realm...

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