Chapter 676: The Sacred Sword Palace Betrayal

Chapter 676: The Sacred Sword Palace Betrayal

Jiang Chen? This name triggered a faint memory in Sect Head Qin Mo’s heart. When one reached his level of cultivation, it was no big deal to remember everything they’d heard, no matter how miniscule the detail. Not to mention, this particular tidbit of a name had fallen from the Great Scarlet Emperor’s lips. However, he remembered clearly that this kid was supposed to be trapped in Mt. Rippling Mirage. Was there an error in their intelligence? His heart began to grow agitated without warning. Somehow, it was difficult for him to repress those feelings.

“You’re called Wang Han, correct? Are you sure that Jiang Chen is in the Paramount Realm?” Even at his age, Qin Mo wasn’t entirely capable of keeping his composure. After all, Jiang Chen was someone that the emperor had personally expressed his desire for. He had even sent his trusted confidante at the head of the strongest sects, Dragonslayer and Flowing Sands, to Mt. Rippling Mirage. Their only mission was to seek and bring back Jiang Chen.

This alone spoke volumes as to how much the emperor valued Jiang Chen. How great of an accomplishment would it be if he, Qin Mo, were to capture this kid? He immediately threw all thought of the Regal Pill Palace...

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