Chapter 675: Diverting the Heat

Chapter 675: Diverting the Heat

The Myriad Domain group could obviously hear their conversation too. Everyone’s hearts skipped a beat as surprise shook them on the inside. They had thought that there was no way the Regal Pill Palace could break through the encirclement with just their number. Contrary to their expectations, the Regal Pill Palace had actually succeeded in their attempt. Literally no one had expected this outcome. For a time, everyone in the Myriad Domain was wracked with regret. Honored Master Tian Ming especially wanted to slap his own face.

He was such good friends with Dan Chi, but because he’d hesitated during a critical moment and failed to listen to his friend, he had missed out on an opportunity to break free of this siege. It would be incredibly difficult to escape now that he and his sect were trapped like turtles in a jar by four emperor realm cultivators.

Various shades of dejection and regret flashed through the hearts of every Myriad Domain cultivator. But their shock was exceeded only by the shock the Great Scarlet Mid Region sects felt. Someone had actually managed to slip through their perimeter? This was a mark of extraordinary shame and humiliation! Even if they were to annihilate everyone in this place, this battle would never be considered perfect again.

Their emperor had ordered them to suppress the Myriad Grand Ceremony....

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