Chapter 674: Qin Mo , Besieged on All Sides

Chapter 674: Qin Mo [1], Besieged on All Sides

The blue clad man’s words caught the attention of the others. The last elder was dressed in ragged clothing, with an ancient zither strapped to his back. He looked so frail that it seemed like the merest hint of a breeze might blow him over. But when he opened his eyes, the light that shone from them was the light of a fiery star, filling him with an awe-inspiring dignity.

“We are indeed short one.” The elder’s voice was hoarse and weak, but the Myriad Domain cultivators couldn’t help but tremble at it. They could tell, this elder’s cultivation level was higher than the other three! The other three were second level emperor realm, but the elder was third level emperor realm.

“Why are we missing a sect?” Qitian Sect Head Sing frowned and looked darkly towards the Myriad Domain assembly. “Who amongst you has authority to speak for everyone?”

Everyone naturally looked at Xiang Wentian. His expression, though strained, was collected, “Greetings. I must confess, I haven’t heard of the order of the Divine Abyss Continent collapsing recently, or has it? Bringing your armies into our territory so blatantly, it might seem cause for public censure, no?”

He had to seek the side of righteous justice, no matter how the battle developed. As the most powerful cultivator in the Myriad Domain, Xiang...

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