Chapter 673: Like Turtles in a Jar

Chapter 673: Like Turtles in a Jar

Everyone’s expressions changed when Wei Wuying finished his acidic words; their sect head had just gone and admitted that they were surrounded. Everyone in the Walkabout Sect turned pale with fright.

The Dark North Sect’s members all scanned Honored Master Tian Ming’s face, trying to glean some clues. Honored Master Tian Ming’s lips moved silently, but said nothing in the end. Instead, he turned to look at Xiang Wentian. Xiang Wentian was the strongest person in the Myriad Domain. Naturally, his instinct was just as powerful. Looking at Dan Chi’s hasty retreat, Xiang Wentian had in fact more than half believed his claims already. He was just about to speak when several figures suddenly appeared from a path to the west. They were moving at an incredible speed, and each one cut an incredibly sorry figure. They sprinted furiously towards the crowd. The crowd noticed them as they drew closer, only to discover that they were actually the Sacred Sword Palace!

The person at the head of the group was none other than Wang Jianyu. His hair was dishevelled, and his face and head were covered in blood. His chest, his thighs and several other parts of his body also looked like they’d been grievously injured. All in all, he looked an absolute mess....

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