Chapter 672: Dan Chi Retreats

Chapter 672: Dan Chi Retreats

The situation was perilous, and Huang'er didn’t continue her advice when she saw that Dan Chi was hesitating. “It will be easiest to break through in the southeastern corner. I can hold things off for about fifteen minutes. I won’t be able to do anything after that.” Her figure blurred after speaking, and the mysterious cloaked person vanished into the air.

Everyone’s attentions were on Dan Chi at the moment, and they were all slightly surprised to see the mysterious person suddenly disappear. The speed with which she’d disappeared was a bit beyond everyone's imagination.

“Palace Head Dan Chi, is that one of yours?” The Sacred Ape family head of the Great Cathedral asked out of curiosity.

Palace Head Dan Chi laughed wryly and shook his head, “My Regal Pill Palace doesn’t have this kind of fortune.” He was quite anxious at this moment. His instincts were telling him that the cloaked person wasn’t telling him false, but he just couldn’t find it within him to leave the young geniuses behind. However, the person had said that he only...

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