Chapter 670: The Transcendent Region

Chapter 670: The Transcendent Region

“Even an expert can’t help but feel the passage of time when they reach the end.” Jiang Chen lamented as he stared at the pile of dried bones. He could very much imagine this person as an expert who’d moved unhindered in the Divine Abyss Continent countless years ago. At the very least, he must be a reputable person in the Paramount Realm.

However, those who were not acknowledged by the heavenly dao would only live limited lifespans, even if they called themselves emperor cultivators. Those who were not acknowledged by the heavens were only mortal, no matter how long of a lifespan they possessed. If one was mortal, it was inevitable for their lifespan to have an end.

Jiang Chen put away the Ming Tuo relic and said sincerely, “Senior - well, it’s not like I’m losing anything by calling you a senior. I have received your Ming Tuo relic, and buried your body. I hope that you have successfully entered the cycle of reincarnation and will be reborn.”

Jiang Chen pushed down the mound of soil to fill in the pit and buried the old corpse.

He had spent quite some time sidetracked by this, so he didn’t dally, continuing on his way without further ado. Although it was but a tiny episode in his life, one he’d profited from, Jiang Chen couldn’t...

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