Chapter 669: The Ming Tuo Relic

Chapter 669: The Ming Tuo Relic

Jiang Chen waved to Palace Head Dan Chi and Huang’er, also sending a message at the same time, “Be careful Palace Head, I don’t think the Sacred Sword Palace will rest their case this easily. I even feel that something else will be happening during the Myriad Grand Ceremony.”

Dan Chi smiled faintly, having been prepared for something like this beforehand. “Remember what I reminded you about.” He was referring to keeping an eye on Jun Mobai. Jiang Chen nodded and looked at Huang’er. She had the sudden urge to enter along with Jiang Chen, despite her usually indifferent mindset. However, her cool logic quickly triumphed over this momentary impulse. She knew that if she wanted to go in as well, this would place Jiang Chen in an exceedingly difficult position. She thought for a moment and still decided to wait outside.

“Miss Huang’er, I hope you’ll take care of the Regal Pill Palace some if anything happens in the outside,” Jiang Chen didn’t put on airs either. He knew the person who’d chased off Cao Jin...

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