Chapter 668: Opening of the Myriad Domain Paramount Realm

Chapter 668: Opening of the Myriad Domain Paramount Realm

Xiang Wentian might’ve looked like he was publicly censuring the Sacred Sword Palace, but in reality, he was protecting them. The Sacred Sword Palace wouldn’t dare stir up trouble after this display of dominance, and he wouldn’t have a reason to suppress the Sacred Sword Palace either. 

Jiang Chen looked at Xiang Wentian meaningfully, but didn’t reveal the latter’s intentions. It looked like Xiang Wentian had guessed that Jiang Chen really had enough strength to off the entire sect. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have thought to do something like this. Hidden in his words were also a hint to the Sacred Sword Palace ot back down. Of course, Jiang Chen was also guessing that Xiang Wentian’s actions weren’t targeting him, but rather took into consideration the greater picture of the Myriad Domain. The Tristar Sect had already betrayed them and chipped away at their battle power. If the Sacred Sword Palace was also destroyed, then the Myriad Domain would really be hurting then.

Beams of light exploded out of Wang Jianyu’s eyes, but died down. After a long tense moment, he snorted...

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