Chapter 666: Jiang Chen Reveals Himself, Astounds All Present

Chapter 666: Jiang Chen Reveals Himself, Astounds All Present

What was going on? Mu Gaoqi was saying that he wasn’t Mu Gaoqi? Then who was he?

All eyes were on him and scanning furiously, full of curiosity and speculation. This change was simply too ridiculous. He’d put on such a show and fight, overcoming all obstacles, but was turning out not to be Mu Gaoqi? One had to say, the sudden changes to this script made those watching feel that they couldn’t mentally keep up.

Huang'er down beneath the stage had a faint smile on her face. She had also guessed that Jiang Chen was about to reveal his identity. After all, it wouldn’t do to continue in this manner. Mu Gaoqi didn’t have this kind of strength. It wouldn’t be good for him to have this kind of reputation. With Jiang Chen’s personality, he would never create trouble for his friends.

Palace Head Dan Chi raised his hands in a cupped fist salute and ignored Wang Jianyu taking delight in his misery. He spoke sincerely, “Everyone, we shouldn’t have kept it a secret from you, it was just that…”

Wang Jianyu roared angrily,...

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