Chapter 665: Forfeiting with Frankness

Chapter 665: Forfeiting with Frankness

The silence was deafening. Not a word was uttered; people couldn’t even begin to form a reaction to what their eyes told them. Jiang Chen’s never-ending series of trump cards had brought everyone’s minds to a stuttering halt.

Exactly who is this person?

Setting aside everything he’d displayed when he’d beaten Wang Han, this child also had a dragon bloodline as well? Not only that, he also had the Solder Rosary Beads with the six mortal sage realm warriors that everyone had seen before. By itself, that was incredible enough already. But he could then also summon three earth sage realm warriors, and when that wasn’t enough, he had more!

The limits of everyone’s common sense had been tested again and again, and they were almost numb by now. But when Mu Gaoqi summoned the sky sage realm warrior, they’d been instantly petrified. They no longer had words to describe him. When had such a heaven defying genius appeared in the Myriad Domain? Just what was Mu Gaoqi’s background?

The heavyweights over on the Great Cathedral’s side were all wearing rueful smiles. There were no words to express how much the Great Cathedral valued Xiang Qin,...

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