Chapter 663: The Power of Bloodlines Shocks the Audience

Chapter 663: The Power of Bloodlines Shocks the Audience

Everyone of the Great Cathedral was looking at the ring with incredulous eyes, never mind Xiang Qin. They were fully aware of Xiang Qin’s close combat ability since they were all of the same sect. Apart from Yue Baize of the Great Cathedral, not a single person of the younger generation of the Myriad Domain was capable of standing up to Xiang Qin in the arena of close combat. Even Wang Han, the strongest of the lot, was no exception. 

Xiang Qin, frustrated beyond measure, punched one last time before clawing at the air, hauling out a peculiar weapon. A long handle ended in two chains, from which hung two golden metal balls. This was a flail; one of the most imposing weapons in single combat, it relied solely on brute force and strength to crush opponents. The flail had its own imposing aura, as if thousands of ancient elephants rumbling forward in a charge, an inexorable and untiring momentum radiating outwards.

This seemed to be the most primitive kind of attack, but it also encompassed an art of the Sacred Elephant family. The heavy golden balls looked like they were being tossed around carelessly,...

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