Chapter 662: Finals, Each Punch Finding Its Target

Chapter 662: Finals, Each Punch Finding Its Target

No one was surprised about Yue Baize announcing his forfeit. It was impossible for the two of the them to fight to the death. That would only benefit the Regal Pill Palace. Everyone was now curious, would Jun Mobai do the same for Mu Gaoqi?

The Great Cathedral had held an emergency session, but Dan Chi didn’t give Jun Mobai any pressure over on the Regal Pill Palace side. Even Elder Lian Cheng didn’t give Jun Mobai any advice due to his desire not to see Elder Yun Nie’s disciple gain so much of the spotlight. As for the other elders of the Hall of Might, they wouldn’t bring trouble down on themselves given that their leader hadn’t spoken. They had a certain degree of confidence in their hallmaster’s thinking. He likely didn’t want Elder Yun Nie’s disciple to put on too good of a showing, so they would rather let them fight even if it was an intra-sect battle.

However, Jun Mobai apparently had other thoughts. He had taken a moment to think, but he voluntarily forfeited. “Junior brother Gaoqi, from your display of prowess against Wang Han, it is obvious to me that I’m far inferior to you. I’d simply be inviting humiliation down on myself...

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