Chapter 661: The List of Top Four

Chapter 661: The List of Top Four

The matches on the third day were even more ferocious. The top sixteen competitors met in crazed collision as each battle reached a fever pitch. Sage realm cultivators were no longer protected today, so they were destined to meet each other in battle. Indeed, Jiang Chen drew a sage realm opponent, one from the Walkabout Sect.

This person was a bit similar to Wei Qing. His name was Wei Gong, and he had a similar bearing to Wei Qing, but his strength and cultivation was much stronger than Wei Qing. Even so, he still wasn’t as strong as Wang Han. After exchanging a few rounds with Jiang Chen, Wei Gong did not think little of forfeiting. He knew that he’d end up worse off if his opponent went all out. He knew full well that he wasn’t Mu Gaoqi’s opponent. The fellow had easily taken out even Wang Han, much less than a Wei Gong!

As a result, Jiang Chen smoothly advanced to the top eight. Shen Qinghong was also quite lucky as he drew an opponent at peak ninth level origin realm. His path to advancement was equally easy. Ling Bi'er maintained her good...

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