Chapter 660: The Sacred Sword Palace Withdraws

Chapter 660: The Sacred Sword Palace Withdraws

Although Wang Jianyu was quite a distance from the ring, he was actually capable of hauling Wang Han straight off the stage. As fast as Jiang Chen’s Galaxy Slash was, he just wasn’t as fast as Wang Jianyu.

As a result, Wang Han was yanked out of the way of the strike when it arrived, and the crowd erupted. Jiang Chen demonstrated immense grace and withdrew his hand seals, smiling faintly as he looked at Wang Jianyu. Without a doubt, someone would make trouble for the sect head without his prompting.

Indeed, Palace Head Dan Chi slammed his hand down on the table and rose to his feet. “What do you mean by this, Wang Jianyu? This is a battle to the life and death, how dare you interfere?!”

“Ole brother Wang, you’ve certainly gone against the rules here.” Xiang Wentian didn’t remain silent either.

Honored Master Tian Ming also shook his head, “Quite inappropriate, quite.”

Even Wei Wuying of the Walkabout Sect shook his head with a sigh, “In a fight to the death, the heavens hold our fates. Sect Head Wang, your actions were in defiance of the rules.”

Wang Jianyu was coldly irate in the face of such criticism...

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