Chapter 659: The Utter Domination of Wang Han

Chapter 659: The Utter Domination of Wang Han

Even the Regal Pill Palace’s Palace Head Dan Chi and Elder Lian Cheng were filled with sudden emotion, to say nothing of anyone else. Palace Head Dan Chi was mainly sighing over the fact that Jiang Chen was indeed truly worthy of Elder Shun’s high regard. There was no doubt that Jiang Chen was going to become a star in one brilliant stroke today. This strengthened Palace Head Dan Chi’s intentions to keep Jiang Chen in the Regal Pill Palace and pursue Elder Shun’s path. If Elder Shun returns in the future, I’ll cast all considerations of face aside and beg him to take me as his disciple. I don’t care even if I’m just a nominal disciple.

By now, Dan Chi could almost say with certainty that Elder Shun was an emperor realm expert, or even a Titled Great Emperor! Meanwhile, Elder Lian Cheng was feeling very jealous. He could never imagine that the personal disciple Elder Yun Nie cared for so greatly would possess such wondrous martial dao talent too.

Seriously, what the hell? Is my position as the hallmaster of the Hall of Might just for show? This Mu Gaoqi, if he was this strong in the first place, why did he go to Elder Yun Nie and ask to be his disciple and not mine? The more Elder Lian Cheng ruminated, the more sullen he became.


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