Chapter 658: We All Have Trump Cards, But I’m Still Stronger Than You

Chapter 658: We All Have Trump Cards, But I’m Still Stronger Than You

The same thing done by different people would obviously result in different outcomes. Not even Xiang Qin, the most outstanding cultivator amongst the younger generation of the Myriad Domain, would dare try to grasp this sword barehanded. However, the only exception in the Myriad Domain was Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen extended a hand as the golden light around his palm abruptly brightened.


The body of the longsword of mystical ice landed solidly in his palm. A dull bang echoed around the arena, and Jiang Chen’s palm remained perfectly unharmed from the strike. Wang Han’s expression, on the other hand, abruptly changed as he drew upon his strength repeatedly in an attempt to pull his sword free from Jiang Chen’s grasp.

However, no matter how hard he tried, his sword didn’t move an inch. “How… how is this possible?” Even if his opponent’s was made out of metal and stone, there would still be some sparks, right? So what on earth was Mu Gaoqi’s palm made of?

“Isn’t this Mu Gaoqi a little too overpowered?”

“He caught the sword with his bare hand. Not even Xiang Qin would be able to do such a thing, would he?”

“The most unbelievable part is that he didn’t...

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