Chapter 657: Light from the Eyes Breaks Through Mystical Ice

Chapter 657: Light from the Eyes Breaks Through Mystical Ice

Wang Han wouldn’t have been this surprised if Jiang Chen had utilized a strong defensive talisman to devour and dispel his sword aura of silver needles. After all, all fourth rank sects had some kind of reserve of heaven defying talismans. Wang Han would never believe that Mu Gaoqi didn’t have any of those in hand, since he'd dared to stand in a ring against the former. But Mu Gaoqi had used the defensive golden light from his own body to destroy Wang Han’s silver needles? Wang Han found this rather difficult to accept.

His sword qi had been devious and wily, and would have penetrated even the smallest deficiency in the strongest defensive talisman. Once it seeped in like an insidious breath of air, it would drill into his opponent’s body like a flesh eating bug, devouring through his opponent’s flesh, blood, tendons, meridians, organs, and even consciousness! Although this move didn’t count as Wang Han’s great trump card, there was scarcely anyone in the younger generation of the entire Myriad Domain that could take this blow and still remain standing.

But now, an ant at seventh level origin realm had broken...

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