Chapter 656: Jiang Chen VS Wang Han

Chapter 656: Jiang Chen VS Wang Han

Jian Chen’s grievances with the Sacred Sword Palace had begun with the Mt. Rippling Mirage Pill Battles, and after so many encounters he was well and truly tired of Wang Han. Seeing that the Sacred Sword Palace was so dissatisfied with the current state of affairs, Jiang Chen thought that he might as well stand up and make an example out of Wang Han. He would destroy Wang Han and shut up the Sacred Sword Palace once and for all.

Having entered the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect’s forbidden area, Jiang Chen’s understanding of the Divine Abyss Continent and his improvement in martial dao had exceeded beyond the paradigm of the Myriad Domain. He wasn’t much interested in the Myriad Grand Ceremony itself. He was actually more curious about the Paramount Realm that came after. Therefore, it didn’t matter who he faced in battle. They were all the same to him. In that case, he might as well settle all his grievances with the Sacred Sword Palace and utterly extinguish their annoying arrogance. This could also be considered as his repayment for Palace Head Dan Chi’s patronage.

As expected, Jiang Chen’s words caused Wang Han’s face to distort greatly. He knew that this fellow had a glib tongue, but he still couldn’t help the fury that erupted in  his heart. “Boy, I’d like to see how much bite...

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