Chapter 655: Jiang Chen Takes the Field

Chapter 655: Jiang Chen Takes the Field

Wang Jianyu had always been rude and overbearing. He was the kind of person who would always make something up to justify his own wants, never mind whether he was in the right. This time, anyone who wasn’t blind could see that someone had interfered with the arena battle, and they hadn’t even bothered to hide the fact that they had. Otherwise, why would Jin Feng and Nie Chong suddenly retreat to the edges of the arena for no reason?

Thus, Wang Jianyu had proper reason to be angry this time. However, it was just as obvious that no one from the Regal Pill Palace had interfered with the arena battle. Everyone present for the battle could bear witness to this. There were only so many people that the Regal Pill Palace had brought this time, and the cultivators who were powerful enough to interfere with the arena battle could literally be counted on one hand. They were Dan Chi, Elder Lian Cheng, and the sage realm elders. However, the fact that these people could interfere with the battle didn’t mean that they could do so without being noticed. It was absolutely impossible that anyone from Regal Pill Palace could’ve done it. In fact, even the strongest cultivator in the Myriad Domain, Xiang Wentian, might not have been able to interfere with this arena battle without being detected.

In other words, unless a cultivator possessed...

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