Chapter 654: Jiang Chen Muddies The Waters

Chapter 654: Jiang Chen Muddies The Waters

Those watching beneath the stage thought that they had heard wrongly at first. Li Xin might not be the top genius in the Great Cathedral, but he was still a second-rate genius. He wasn’t entirely subpar even compared to the first-rate geniuses of other sects. Plus, the Sacred Wolf family was famed for their ferocity. Would someone from the Sacred Wolf family really voluntarily surrender after a mere two punches from the enemy?

Most of the rounds of the various matches of this year’s Grand Ceremony had been quite normal, so why did every battle involving Mu Gaoqi appear so out of the ordinary? During Mu Gaoqi’s first round, the fifth rank sect disciple Feng Pao he’d gone up against had only been at the seventh level origin realm. However, Mu Gaoqi had struggled against him and looked drenched in sweat by the end of the battle.

His second round opponent, the Sacred Sword Palace’s Wang Jing, was without a doubt several times stronger than Feng Pao, and the offensive power he displayed could only be described as incredibly destructive. However, when he displayed that terrifyingly strong offensive power on Jiang Chen, it seemed like a gentle breeze floating past the latter. In the end, Wang Jing was the one who’d been kicked out of the arena instead.

The third round had been even more bizarre. Li Xin was much, much stronger than...

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