Chapter 653: Voluntary Forfeit

Chapter 653: Voluntary Forfeit

In comparison, Ling Bi’er’s rather average draw luck had improved considerably. She actually drew an eighth level origin realm genius from a fifth rank sect as her opponent. It was a rare opportunity for Ling Bi’er to readjust her mentality.

Generally speaking, it was impossible for an eighth level origin realm genius from a fifth rank sect to compete against a peak ninth level origin realm genius from a fourth rank sect. Moreover, Ling Bi’er was currently in a state where she was on the verge of breaking through to sage realm. She was brimming with qi, without a doubt a great boost to her power. Ling Bi’er would be much stronger than usual in this situation.

Shen Qinghong and Jun Mobai were both sage realm geniuses. They were protected, and thus it was impossible for them to encounter another sage realm opponent. As long as their opponents stayed beneath sage realm, then it was all the same to them no matter who they drew. Shen Qinghong walked up to Nie Chong. “Do what you can and don’t force yourself. We can afford to win just as we can afford to lose. There is no need to struggle pointlessly out of pride.”

Nie Chong might be at the peak of ninth level origin realm, but he was obviously incomparable to the peak of...

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