Chapter 651: Stunning All Sides

Chapter 651: Stunning All Sides

Forget the Sacred Sword Palace, even the Regal Pill Palace suddenly found Mu Gaoqi to be completely unfathomable. While outsiders might not know anything of Mu Gaoqi, the Regal Pill Palace disciples had lived under the same roof as him. How could they possibly not understand him? Was this the same cautious and slightly timid Mu Gaoqi they knew? Not only had Mu Gaoqi talked easily and fearlessly in face of Wang Jianyu’s questions and threats, he’d even retorted with supreme indifference. Was this the Mu Gaoqi whose temperament had been known as one as docile as rabbit?

Truth be told, it would’ve been palatable if it was just a change in temperament. But since when had Mu Gaoqi become so mysteriously strong? Now that they thought of it, Mu Gaoqi had already participated in two battles. In the first battle, Mu Gaoqi had fought fiercely against Feng Pao, a fifth rank sect’s seventh level origin realm expert. The battle had looked incredibly intense, and he’d given the impression that he was just a bit better than Feng Pao. However, an attentive person would’ve realized that Mu Gaoqi had only been using a wilted branch as his weapon from beginning to end. He hadn’t executed any moves of his own.

Logically speaking, the second round should’ve been a difficult battle for Mu Gaoqi. But again, he hadn’t...

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