Chapter 650: Sent Flying With One Kick

Chapter 650: Sent Flying With One Kick

Even when compared to the rest of the Sacred Sword Palace’s younger generation, Wang Jing was shockingly powerful when his ire reached its maximum. With exception of those solidly in the sage realm, not even ninth level origin realm geniuses were willing to fight against a berserk Wang Jing. He fought like a madman when he was in a rage. And right now, he had without a doubt gone berserk.

Vast waves of whale king qi spewed into existence once more. However, their form was markedly different from before. Wang Jing seemed to have learned from his lesson and decided against multiplying waves to crush his enemy. This time, the waves spread to become rivers of iron locks and chains that sealed off the space in many tiny compartments. “Let’s see how many defense talismans you have left this time, brat!”

At the heart of it all, Wang Jing believed that his enemy had broken through the lockdown of his enormous waves earlier through defensive talismans rather than their own strength. Jiang Chen was as calm as ever as he watched the enormous tidal waves lock down all space on the ring. Wang Jing’s hands grabbed at the air, and a broadsword materialized between his hands. This sword...

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