Chapter 649: A Bizarre Match

Chapter 649: A Bizarre Match

“Wang Jing of the Sacred Sword Palace versus Mu Gaoqi of the Regal Pill Palace!” The match officially began with the referee’s announcement.

“Kid, are you going to kneel down politely and accept death, or do you want Master Jing to torture you to death?” Wang Jing took large strides forward as his qi of peak eighth level origin realm radiated out like a whale king. Akin to tremendous waves smashing onto the coast, the aura was pure domination given form, crashing down on Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but laugh. Are those of the Sacred Sword Palace always so naive? They’re always so self righteous when bullying others.

If it’d truly been Mu Gaoqi standing here today, he’d have been in for a rough time. Sadly, it was not; it was Jiang Chen. He stood with both hands clasped behind his back, proudly upright in the face of the surging wind. One didn’t know if his posture came from being scared out of his wits due to the stunning whale king qi current, or whether it came from his deep confidence in his skills. Those watching beneath the stage were all immensely startled by the situation....

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