Chapter 648: Encountering a Genius of the Sacred Sword Palace

Chapter 648: Encountering a Genius of the Sacred Sword Palace

For some reason, Jiang Chen suddenly felt a little ripple run through him when he saw Jun Mobai’s expression. “Could it be that this Jun Mobai noticed that I’m not really Mu Gaoqi?”

Jiang Chen was slightly puzzled. If Shen Qinghong himself hadn’t noticed anything amiss, then was it really possible for Jun Mobai, a cultivator who was himself a bit weaker than Shen Qinghong, to see through his disguise? That didn’t seem too likely.

Jiang Chen decided not to express anything even though he noticed Jun Mobai’s unusual behavior. This Jun Mobai had once attempted to recruit Jiang Chen back at Rosy Valley. However, Jiang Chen had never really been interested in his offer or Jun Mobai himself. After all, Jiang Chen couldn’t shake the feeling that this seemingly elegant and honest gentleman might not necessarily be as he appeared. As the second round of competition ended, the draw for the third round began.

After the second round was over, the majority of qualified participants were now geniuses from fourth rank sects. Those geniuses who were not part of a fourth rank sect only managed to take a quarter of the seats. The third round was a critical round. Winning the third round meant securing a spot in the Myriad Domain Hidden Dragon...

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