Chapter 647: Jiang Chen Confers Knowledge in Sword Dao

Chapter 647: Jiang Chen Confers Knowledge in Sword Dao

Wang Han, across the way, gritted his teeth in rage when he saw Jiang Chen apparently having a grand time laughing and chatting with Ling Bi’er, the beauty sitting by his side. “I’ll let you strut around just a little while longer, you little shit! If you run into any Sacred Sword Palace disciples in the martial competition, I swear I’m not human if I don’t carve you into ten segments!”

It was a good thing that the first rounds soon drew to a close. The results of the draw for the second round were also quickly announced. Jiang Chen’s opponent for the second round was a seventh level origin realm genius from a fifth rank sect. His name was Feng Pao, and he was a genius who used the sword.

Jiang Chen had watched his performance in the first round and could sum up his opponent’s performance with one word, “speed”. Of all the martial methods under the heavens, only speed was something that could never be broken. Many sword dao masters wouldn’t even practice more than three sword techniques over the course of their lives, but they would continuously dig deeper and deeper into them, simulating more developments, upgrading and breaking through to higher levels. They would constantly seek to ascend to greater realms of speed. As long as any martial art mystery is trained to its utmost in a certain...

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