Chapter 645: Hotly Ambitious

Chapter 645: Hotly Ambitious

The emperor smiled slightly. “The Imperial Jade Seal and Guardian Dragon Seal are objects that provide an air of legitimacy for the Myriad Domain. If they appear, they can’t be allowed to end up in the hands of the various sects, or they’ll have enough of an excuse to rebuild the empire. We had an appropriate excuse when we invaded last time, but we don’t have a good excuse to place our army on their borders this time.”

Although there were a great number of factions in the Divine Abyss Continent, there was still the greater picture to consider. The Great Scarlet Mid Region couldn’t openly deploy their armies on the border of another region for no reason. The other regions wouldn’t sit idly by if that happened.

“Your Majesty, we can absolutely find a reason if we don’t have one. Didn’t we leave behind multiple restrictions in the Myriad Domain? We can destroy those restrictions and then blame it on their sects, pinning the crime of disrespect on them. Wouldn’t that be an easy thing to accomplish?”

In reality, Great Scarlet had purposefully left behind the towers of bones and corpses, Bloodlight River, and Petrified Infant Forest to set the stage for a future invasion of the Myriad Domain. The Great Scarlet emperor nodded...

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