Chapter 644: The Great Scarlet Mid Region

Chapter 644: The Great Scarlet Mid Region

In a rare moment of agreement, Wei Wuying nodded, concurring with Dan Chi. “Palace Head Dan Chi’s words are exceedingly right. Everyone now knows that the Ninesuns Sky Sect is covetously eyeing our Myriad Domain, but even so, I don’t believe that they’ll dare openly invade us. After all, they’re not the only first rank sect in the Upper Eight Realms. But if they use the strategy of defeating us one by one, like how they infiltrated the Tristar Sect, then it would be exceedingly difficult to defend against them.”

Honored Master Tian Ming also nodded. “Those words make sense. Who would’ve thought that the Tristar Sect was secretly being controlled by the Sky Sect? To put it bluntly, it’s hard for any of the sects here to guarantee that there are no eyes and ears of opposing forces present in any of us. It will be difficult to hold fast to an alliance.”

Xiang Wentian didn’t grow angry when he saw that everyone was against his idea. It seemed to be well within his expectations. He smiled confidently, not speaking until everyone was done. “All of what you speak of makes great sense. I ask you another question, could these situations have occurred when the Myriad Empire was...

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