Chapter 643: Alliance Proposal

Chapter 643: Alliance Proposal

His tone rapidly dropping, Wang Han stared straight at Jiang Chen. “It looks like I’m too easy to talk to normally, hmm? Even a stray cat or dog like you dares throw its weight around in front of me?”

It was apparent that Wang Han also hadn’t realized that Mu Gaoqi was the person he hated with a fiery passion—Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen laughed easily, “Wang Han, who doesn’t know how to talk big? Looks like you’ve forgotten when you had to slap yourself?”

One didn’t have to reveal someone’s shortcomings when cursing at them, just like it was entirely possible to humiliate someone without denying them face. Jiang Chen’s words were more effective than any variant of curse word he could come up with. When Wang Han had targeted Jiang Chen back then, he’d ended up being mocked in return and had to slap himself in the end. He’d always viewed this occurrence as a great humiliation. It was both a taboo topic and open wound for him.

With Jiang Chen bringing up those old matters, those who’d witnessed it back then couldn’t help but feel smiles creep up their faces. Although they hid them well, someone as perceptive as Wang Han still felt enormously humiliated. He grew so angry that all of the hairs on his body started to rise.

“Kid, you… you’re called Mu Gaoqi right? Innate wood constitution,...

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