Chapter 642: The Cocky Sacred Sword Palace

Chapter 642: The Cocky Sacred Sword Palace

It wasn’t until everyone crossed the bridge and was a few hundred meters away that the sense of blood faded to a barely perceptible level.

“Be mentally prepared; the palace is up ahead, and there are even more ghastly sights inside…” Dan Chi reminded everyone, his tone somber. 

The so-called palace was also ruins, but some of the half shattered walls and the outlines of the crumbled structures demarcated where the palace began. The group threaded their way through the ruins and saw a spacious platform extend in front of them with something on it. But when they drew closer, their hearts pounded as their stomachs roiled and threatened to expel their contents.

The scene in front of them could no longer be described as ghastly. It was the epitome of ruthlessness and showed a utter lack of human nature!

The platform was filled with sculptures, starting with infants to the left. The oldest were barely seven, eight years old, while the youngest seemed not even old enough to walk. These babies had obviously been alive, and once made of flesh and blood. It seemed like they had been drenched in molten metal, and directly  cast into sculptures....

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