Chapter 641: Tragic Ruins

Chapter 641: Tragic Ruins

Because Jiang Chen hadn’t revealed his identity yet, he was still seen as Mu Gaoqi to others. However, it also left those very same people wondering why “Mu Gaoqi” was part of the group. Everyone recognized his potential, and he had indeed accomplished meritorious deeds in the Mt. Rippling Mirage Pill Battles. But, hadn’t he only recently assailed the sky origin realm? At best, that would put him at  seventh level origin realm, no? How could he represent the Regal Pill Palace at such an occasion with that sort of cultivation level?

In the Rosy Valley, there were more than twenty geniuses who were eighth level origin realm and above, and a good handful of ninth level origin realm and above. But none of those had been brought along instead of Mu Gaoqi.

Everyone felt that this was Elder Yun Nie using his connections to sneak him in through the backdoor. However, no matter how they questioned things internally, no one could speak of their suspicions. After all, Mu Gaoqi’s potential was obvious for all to see. Who dared offend him? Offending him was to offend a future heavyweight of the Regal Pill Palace. The potential of an innate wood constitution...

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