Chapter 640: Setting Out for the Myriad Grand Ceremony

Chapter 640: Setting Out for the Myriad Grand Ceremony

Three Longevity Pills? Palace Head Dan Chi was stunned when he saw what Jiang Chen had brought out. “Jiang Chen, you refined all of this?”

Jiang Chen smiled and didn’t deny anything. “I’m afraid that Honored Master Tian Ming will come asking for the pills again this time at the ceremony. We can’t keep delaying the matter of making good on our promise.”

The look in Palace Head Dan Chi’s eyes was complicated as he gave a long sigh. His eyes remained fixed on Jiang Chen. “Those with ability can accomplish anything! Jiang Chen, it is the Regal Pill Palace’s greatest fortune to have you. If I take a moment to think back, although I have a few achievements to my name since becoming the palace head, mostly due to my ambitions, they’ve had a relatively minor impact on the greater picture over the past decade. But the most important thing I’ve done since becoming Palace Head is bringing you from the Precious Tree Sect to the Regal Pill Palace.”

With how the situation had developed, Dan Chi had to admit that all he’d done for the Regal Pill Palace had indeed greatly improved the sect’s...

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