Chapter 639: Upgrade to the Nine Gates Incineration Formation

Chapter 639: Upgrade to the Nine Gates Incineration Formation

A rumor had begun to run rampant within the Myriad Domain as of late. Moreover, the rumor had a proverbial face to attached to it, which was why those who heard it couldn’t help but look favorably on its authenticity. The rumor went that two treasures of the Myriad Empire had mysteriously disappeared when the nation had met its demise. Not even the Great Scarlet Mid Region, the force who had crushed the Myriad Empire, had been able to discover those two treasures. It was said that the day these two national treasures appeared once more would be the day the Myriad Domain was revived.

Meanwhile, another rumor spoke of an expert, skilled in divination and calculation, who predicted that the two treasures, the Imperial Jade Seal and the Guardian Dragon Seal, would appear during this upcoming Myriad Grand Ceremony. Although this rumor wasn’t widespread, everyone amongst the six great sects of Myriad Domain had heard about it one or another. The rumor was very much like a cat’s claw, scratching against the hearts of the various sect heavyweights; an indescribable itch that simply wouldn’t go away.

The attraction that these two treasures had was undeniable. Obtaining these two treasures symbolized the ownership of the inheritance tokens of the Myriad Empire. Obtaining...

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