Chapter 637: The Young Master Has Ascended to the Sage Realm?

Chapter 637: The Young Master Has Ascended to the Sage Realm?

One had to say, although Palace Head Dan Chi’s strength was nothing more than a wisp of smoke in front of the Ninesuns Sky Sect, his ambitions and magnanimity, as well as vision, were all things that were worthy of Jiang Chen’s admiration. It was a true achievement for a sect head to be such a martyr, even temporarily. Only those who could be so resolute and decisive held the truest hope of reaching the stars they aim for.

“Palace Head, although the Sky Sect is strong, they still pale in comparison to the ancient sects. I trust that if the Sky Sect purposefully suppresses the Myriad Domain, it will be reviled beneath the heavens. Even if it is capable of consolidating its power in short order, it will not be able to hold onto that power for long.” Although Jiang Chen didn’t know what the Sky Sect’s plans were, he believed that the Divine Abyss Continent wasn’t a place where they could simply could dictate order. What he was most worried about wasn’t the Sky Sect, but the legendary ancient demon race. Moreover, his worries weren’t without ground.

He’d once returned to his old home, the territory of Jiang Han,...

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