Chapter 635: Return to Regal Pill Palace

Chapter 635: Return to Regal Pill Palace

In reality, what Elder Yin Nie said made a lot of sense. Forget Shen Qinghong, even if he were to use an earth rank spirit herb himself, he wouldn’t be able to fully absorb its effects either. After all, earth rank spirit herbs were made for emperor realm cultivators. It was considered a lavish expenditure beyond one’s rank if even a sage realm expert used it. While the effects would be splendid, wasn’t it a waste if one could only absorb ten percent of such a good spirit herb? Right now, Shen Qinghong was only at the first level sage realm. If he were to use an earth rank spirit herb, he would at best absorb ten percent of it and raise his cultivation by one level. What was the meaning in that?

One could certainly use earth rank spirit herbs, but not in such a wasteful way. After all, there was a finite amount of earth rank spirit herbs. What was the difference between using it this way and just completely wasting it?

However, in Elder Lian Cheng’s eyes, Palace Head Dan Chi and Elder Yun Nie were purposefully limiting and suppressing Shen Qinghong. The elder had only obtained two earth rank spirit herbs himself. He was naturally unwilling to give one to Shen Qinghong. Therefore, Elder Lian Cheng’s goal was earth rank spirit herbs that’d been labelled for public use. The reason he...

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