Chapter 634: Conflict in the Regal Pill Palace

Chapter 634: Conflict in the Regal Pill Palace

News of Cao Jin perishing instantly traveled through the Sky Sect. Even ordinary elders had to make way in front of one of the ten great disciples, because for those people, becoming a powerhouse in the sect was only a matter of a few decades. If no accidents happened, they would always end in a position higher than an elder.

“Investigate this closely! Whoever supplies valuable information will be awarded a hundred thousand saint spirit stones and one thousand Heroic Sage Pills!” Elder Chen Lei was enraged beyond measure after he confirmed that Cao Jin had perished and immediately promised a heavy reward.

The Sky Sect was extremely large and spread out, with over tens of millions of disciples. Elder Chen Lei had many personal disciples, but Cao Jin was undoubtedly the one he was most proud of. He had bestowed the Moonshatter Awl, Ocean Cover Sword, and Apocalyptic Darklightning Rune onto Cao Jin after all. It could be seen from this just how much Elder Chen Lei spoiled Cao Jin.

Elder Chen Lei was more than a thousand years, and had two disciples whose cultivation had surpassed the emperor level. However, they were ones he’d taken in hundreds of years ago. They had all formed their own factions now, their...

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