Chapter 633: Jiang Chen’s Departure

Chapter 633: Jiang Chen’s Departure

There were quite a few nice things in Cao Jin’s storage ring. Apart from the two emperor level spirit equipment of the Ocean Cover Sword and the Moonshatter Awl, there were many more precious items. Multiple martial techniques, all sorts of pills, and quite a few talismans. There was even a sky rank spirit herb and a few earth rank spirit herbs!

Jiang Chen wasn’t that enthused about the martial techniques since he had all sorts of divine systems already in his mind, so he could tailor any sort of technique he cared to practice for himself. As for the pills, although the pills of a first rank sect were quite good, they weren’t to the point where they would cause Jiang Chen to drool over them. It was rather the sky and earth rank spirit herbs that had given Jiang Chen an unexpected delight. Of course, what he liked most were the dozen or so talismans.

They were all different types; some for attacking, some for movement, and some for defense. Although there weren’t any as incredible as the Apocalyptic Darklightning Rune, the level of these...

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