Chapter 632: Cao Jin Dying With Everlasting Regret

Chapter 632: Cao Jin Dying With Everlasting Regret

“Jiang Chen, you coward! Do you dare reveal yourself and meet me head-on?” Cao Jin was at the height of his rage. Although an attack on this level wasn’t life-threatening, it was still maddening to be humiliated by an ant like Jiang Chen.


Jiang Chen’s figure suddenly halted in midair about a hundred meters away.

“Meet you head-on?” One could clearly see the hints of mockery in his smile. “Cao, you’re at peak sage realm and want me to fight you in single combat. Should I call you naive or am I the idiotic one?”

Jiang Chen wasn’t the sort who blindly followed established rules. Even if he’d met a mortal sage or earth sage realm cultivator, he felt that he would be able to take them on in battle. But Cao Jin was one step away from emperor realm. Jiang Chen wasn’t so overconfident to think that he could go toe to toe with such an opponent. He wasn’t a typical hotheaded youth who could be provoked with one line. He only acknowledged one point, that any method was a good method as long as it defeated the opponent.

Jiang Chen wasn’t so much of a fool...

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