Chapter 630: Victory in Numbers, Who’s Afraid of Who?

Chapter 630: Victory in Numbers, Who’s Afraid of Who?

Jiang Chen didn’t treat these words as a compliment at all. He was well aware of the frightening killing intent that hid behind Cao Jin’s words. This was an opponent dangerous enough to threaten his life, and the most frightening enemy he’d met since reincarnating. If he could kill this opponent today, that’d mean he had enough power to travel to the Upper Eight Regions and search for his father Jiang Feng.

Jiang Chen had only spent a short amount of time with his father in this life, but he’d felt the same fatherly love from Jiang Feng as he did from the Celestial Emperor. Adding to that his memories and emotions from his past life, although Jiang Chen’s feelings towards Jiang Feng weren’t as deep as his for the Celestial Emperor, they weren’t too far off.

Jiang Chen looked at Cao Jin with narrowed eyes, inwardly at solemn attention. This Cao Jin was a top genius of the Sky Sect alright; his demeanor and bearing was vastly different from the top geniuses in the Myriad Domain. He looked arrogant and insufferably cocky, but he never...

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