Chapter 63: An eye for an eye (Teaser)

Chapter 63: An eye for an eye

Within the manor, even the Duke of Soaring Dragon himself was startled and bothered.

The spiritual alchemists in the manor all came forward one by one, including the senior executives of Pill King Garden who had newly given themselves up, to go upstairs and discern Long San’s condition.

As for the one whom the Duke of Soaring Dragon relied most heavily on, Courtmaster Wang was also similarly at a loss of what to do.

“Your Lordship, this is not simple. The poison has seeped in through the pores and can be labelled as a tyrant amongst poisons. it’s my view… eh, what’s this?”

Courtmaster Wang was thinking of ways to excuse his incompetence when he suddenly discovered that there was a small strip of cloth inside the front of Long San’s garment.

There were even four words on it - fight poison with poison.

Script as tiny as the heads of flies could also be seen on the back of the cloth - Let the strongest poison master in the manor try this poison.

The Duke of Soaring Dragon was about to reach towards the strip of cloth when Courtmaster Wang hastily stopped him, “Your Lordship, don’t touch it. I’m afraid that there’s poison.”

The entire manor was akin to birds being startled by the merest twang of a bow string. Upon hearing Courtmaster Wang’s words, the Duke of Soaring Dragon also retracted his hand, and stared...

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