Chapter 628: Toyed By the Formation

Chapter 628: Toyed By the Formation

When two sage realm cultivators reached their maximum speed, the distance they could cover was quite stunning. However, Cao Jin came to a sudden stop with a quick gesture.

“What is it, senior brother Cao?” Fatty Wu knew of Cao Jin’s strength. By now he’d already positioned himself as Cao Jin’s right hand man. Cao Jin was the conductor of all of their operations.

“I sense something’s wrong nearby. Stay on your guard.” As a peak ninth level sage realm expert, Cao Jin’s instincts were far superior to Wu Heng’s.

With his level of cultivation, the only time Cao Jin had been rebuffed was when he’d encountered the mysterious Miss Huang’er. Under normal circumstances, he should’ve been able to trample everyone in the Myriad Domain with his cultivation.

“Look over there!” Cao Jin arched a blue eyebrow as his eyes locked onto a bush beside the road.

The duo carefully approached the bush while preparing themselves for action. They would attack at full force the second they encountered even the slightest hint of resistance. They parted the bush, and found a corpse hidden behind it. More accurately speaking,...

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