Chapter 626: Who’s the Prey?

Chapter 626: Who’s the Prey?

Since the formations that covered the entire Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect were now under Jiang Chen’s control, he only needed to inspect them closely to find the problematic areas. His first sweep covered the interior of the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect. His consciousness first swept through the tower of inheritance, then the cavern, Ancestor Cliff, the cenotaph… There were no problems with the ruins within the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect.

Jiang Chen’s consciousness swept outward to explore the three platforms of the altar in the outskirts of the ancient herb garden. He finally understood the purpose of the three platforms. Clearly, each level corresponded to one of the three ancestors, and thus, the three legacies. He continued to expand his consciousness beyond those altars; there were no problems around the lake. As he used his consciousness to examine every possible area, he didn’t find any fluctuations in the formation in the interior of the ancient herb garden either.

Jiang Chen’s consciousness continued to spread outwards when suddenly—

It came to a stop, locking onto the entrance to the ancient herb garden, in front of that great waterfall. Three figures were at the entrance to the great waterfall, furiously attacking the Rippling Mirage...

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