Chapter 625: The Three Treasures of Inheritance

Chapter 625: The Three Treasures of Inheritance

Jiang Chen hadn’t been able to solve this “Slaughter of Immortals” setup in his past life, but that didn’t mean a solution didn’t exist for it. He had seen someone come up with a solution before, and that person had been his father, the Celestial Emperor.

The Celestial Emperor had sat across from one of his most trusted subjects that day and used a board to simulate solutions to this particular problem a countless number of times. In the end, the Emperor had displayed stunning wisdom and come up with an incredible method to solve it. Jiang Chen had sighed with absolute amazement as he watched from the side.

This matter had left a deep impression on Jiang Chen. And now that he was seeing it again, he felt a great sense of kinship. Delving into the memories of his father in his past life made a warm feeling rise in Jiang Chen’s heart.

“It looks like it’s thanks to father’s blessings that I ran into this composition on the Divine Abyss Continent. Who other than one with father’s intelligence could solve this?” Jiang Chen’s heart was overflowing with gratitude. Who would’ve known that his father would reach...

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