Chapter 622: Finally Entering the Sage Realm

Chapter 622: Finally Entering the Sage Realm

Jiang Chen continuously circulated his energy within the forbidden area of the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect. Multiple currents of origin power coursed through his body like vast armies in one direction, as if numerous rivers and creeks converging on the ocean. He felt the internal dimension of the purple manor within his dantian continuously increase and grow. 

Three distinct flower-shaped illusions began to congeal above his head, becoming clearer by the moment. Jiang Chen knew that he’d reached the critical moment for breaking through to the sage realm. “Let’s do this in one move, go!”

There was only one thought left in Jiang Chen’s mind, to rush forward with all his might. He was currently rowing against the current in a canoe and had to maintain his current momentum. The origin power within his body was akin to a flood dragon struggling up an enormous waterfall, continuously battering against the various shackles within his body.

Wham! Bam!

Great rumbling noises sounded from the purple manor within Jiang Chen’s dantian, as if it had come from a deep abyss. Jiang Chen’s bones and meridians shone gold as they resonated with the energy wrapping around them, creating a harmonized chorus...

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