Chapter 621: Haggling

Chapter 621: Haggling

If the origin realm’s nascent soul was analogous to forming a tree from spirit essence, then the sage realm was equivalent to forming an entire forest of similar trees. Thus, stepping into the sage realm was the equivalent of a single tree growing into a whole forest. Jiang Chen cycled his qi through his body, forming a connection between the surroundings and himself. He drew on and strengthened that connection till he’d become one with the heavens and the earth. With Jiang Chen’s qualifications and talent, stepping into the sage realm from the origin realm was but a matter of time. There were no major obstacles in the way.

Jiang Chen had not forgotten about the scene he’d caused when he’d broken through to the origin realm during the alliance ceremony between the Precious Tree Sect and the Regal Pill Palace. He’d spontaneously broken through to the origin realm after comprehending the dao beneath the Precious Tree and caused a stunning heavenly phenomenon to appear. Everyone present at the Precious Tree Sect was shocked and speechless in the face of such an awe-inspiring display.

Fortunately, this time around he was safely in the sacred...

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